Plant i collect the Three Year Sustainable Growth Award in Cardiff – Fast Growth 50

Wales Fast Growth 50 is widely recognised  as a celebration of the best that Wales has to offer, so we’re delighted to be named among the top 50 for the third consecutive year.

During the last nineteen years, the Fast Growth 50 lists have shown the impact that a small group of firms can have on both wealth and job creation across the Welsh economy.

In 2016, this year’s list generated a collective turnover of £433m and employed three thousand people.

More importantly, they generated an additional £268m in turnover during the period 2014-2016 at an average growth rate of 163%. These firms also created 1,500 new jobs, demonstrating their continuing importance across the Welsh economy.

The average age of a fast-growing Welsh firm is eleven years old.

On behalf of everyone at Plant i, We would like to congratulate all 49 other companies that were able to celebrate their achievements at the Mercure Hotel in Cardiff last Friday evening.