Plant I Workforms Dashboard

Paperless Workforms Application

Alun Griffiths Contractors have been introducing our new paperless workforms application over the last 6 months.

The aim was to reduce the paper trail, speed up processes and drastically reduce man-hours allowing staff to spend more time acting on the information, rather than spending hours sorting and filing paper forms.

The launch has been a huge success and has allowed Griffiths to streamline procedures, provide quicker responses to vehicle defect sheets and manage all recruitment and training processes all from one easy to use web portal.

A few words from Alun Griffiths Contractors

We have been dealing with Plant i for over 7 years, the workforms app saves us time and unnecessary paperwork every single day.

Adrian Davies – Plant and Transport Director

Plant I Workforms Dashboard

We had several meetings with Adrian to discuss his requirements for the company and reviewed all the current paper forms that they currently use.

Within a month Griffiths were able to start transferring to a digital portal that stored and filed all forms submitted by their staff on a smart phone or tablet.

“My-Workforms is a very exciting product for Plant i.

It’s fantastic to see the benefits that My-Workforms offer to companies with a couple of staff right through to giant organisations like Alun Griffiths Contractors. We will continue to develop the system and ensure that we build the system on customer requirements and feedback”

Managing Director – Jason McAuley.