Plant i develop Gully cleaning application

Plant i have developed this bespoke report to monitor the activity of a County Councils gully cleaning fleet in England and Wales. The reports monitors the activity to improve performance and better manage its current resources.The system also monitors emergency work carried out. All the gully and catch pit positions are added the councils own GIS system as a permanent record; they now also have historical records of when each gully was cleaned and for how long. They also have reports of where the machines filled with water and where the waste was tipped for billing.

Systems Director Jason McAuley has been in discussion with Dafydd Thomas of GEWS to discuss further development on the system which will allow Gwynedd Environmental to enter new councils with the data they can provide.

gully cleaner

Shropshire County Council buy new Gritters with Plant I tracking Fitted

shropshire council


Plant i in Conjunction with Enterprise PLC Supply Shropshire CC with Telemetry & Tracking for their new Gritter fleet.

Shropshire County Council have purchased New ECON gritters that produce less CO2 and better MPG.

After using Plant i for the past 3 years Shropshire CC was pleased to fit their Gritter Tracking & Telemetry solution to their new fleet.

These vehicles are accessed on a Web site giving liveupdates along with Gritter activity, these are on the same platform as the county Gully cleaners. All data is also sent direct to the Councils data base and uploaded onto their GIS system.

This vehicle tracking system is very easy to use and can be completely adjusted to suit your business.

Gritters battling to keep the roads clear of snow

Gritters battling to keep the roads clear of snow


Plant Team up with GEWS Ltd

Plant i Ltd has worked with GEWS to develop bespoke Gully cleaning telemetry & tracking application.

Using Plant i’s experience with Enterprise Plc we have offered GEWS a telemetry solution that plots every Gully position and activity on a web based report for daily monitoring. This data is then also accessible either directly off our servers thought a secure firewall into the customer GIS system or downloadable as a CSV file.

As well as Gully cleaners Plant i supply Live Fleet tracking for their large Fleet of Tankers and service vans.


.gully cleaner


Plant i help GEWS win gully cleaning contract for Comway County council.


Conway CC have had poor experience from previous Telemetry providers so were sceptical about the value add |GEWS had to offer from Plant i’s Telemetry system.

Plant i made a presentation to a Team of Conway CC managers, using data from other Authorities we demonstrated the system and gave a full historical data base of gully cleaning activity. Along with this we are able to plot all Gullies on their own GIS system.

The system has been in place for one month and all staff are delighted with the results

GEWS have invested in a brand new Gully tanker and are developing a Gully cleaning unit that attaches to the front of a tractor to clean Gullys on narrow single tracked roads.


About GEWS

GEWS Ltd – Environmental Cleaning Service

Established in 1994, GEWS Ltd has 13 years experience in the Environmental sector, and focuses on providing Waste Disposal and Drainage Service to customers throughout North Wales and NW England. The business is based in Penrhyndeudraeth, North Wales.

The company provides a range of Waste Disposal and Drainage services to businesses and the general public which is intended to be cost effective. With a range of modern equipment, they have experienced workforce helping customers to resolve any Drainage Problem.

They have an expanding group of customers that are situated throughout the UK, including United Utilities, Laing O’Rourke, Mc Alpine, Welsh Water, Daniel, JDM Accord and Local Councils throughout North Wales. The company is owned by David Thomas who has been involved in the Waste Disposal and Drainage industry for many years. Having previously worked for wimpey quarries, David Thomas is perfectly placed to run the company.

With over 40 full time employees, GEWS Ltd has an expanding workforce who are trained to a high standard.


Reduce your Carbon Footprint


Plant i are always looking for new and innovative ways to help the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. If you or your business is going green then email Plant i and tell us what you’re doing to help make a difference!


Try the Act on Co2 calculator and find out how you can help tackle climate change.


All Business’s must make money to survive and deliver long term support. To do this they must keep costs to a minimum, by doing this it has automatically reduced our carbon footprint dramatically. Some steps we have made are:

  • We do not have sales staff driving around the country. 98% of our sales are from referrals.
  • We share an office with another company part owned by Plant i thus utilising staff
  • We have changed our vehicles to for better mpg and reduced Co2
  • We have developed this new web site that allows all sales documents to be downloaded and an on line demonstration site.
  • We have trained our engineers to deliver on site user training to reduce repeat trips.
  • Optimising our engineer’s days to increase performance and reduce wasted miles.
  • Supply our engineers with satellite navigation to save wasted time and miles.
  • Where possible we use engineers local to you.
  • We have monthly reviews to continually look at ways forward.

Along with our small steps we help reduce CO2 for many companies, remember every waited mile and minute is waisted money and this also increases your Carbon Footprint.

Plant i Ltd have Green Dragon Level 2 Enviromenal Standard (CY/POW/1787)

New Company Tax laws on vans.

From April 2007, the benefit-in-kind tax charge on company vans will soar from £500 to a massive £3,500 – unless they can prove that the van is only used for business not personal use.

The scale charge for unrestricted private use will increase to £3,000 and if an employer provides fuel for unrestricted private use, an additional fuel charge of £500 will apply. With the onus on employers to provide proof of use, Plant i can provide the benefits of vehicle tracking technology to present unequivocal evidence of when, where and how a vehicle has been used.

Why not introduce tracking to ensure that you aren’t stung by the new company tax law.

.Fleet tracking Transit van