Yet another Stolen quad bike returned

One of our newest customers called to thank us this morning, just one month after installation our customer was alerted that his Quad bike has moved out of his yard and enabled him to pursue the missing vehicle

Using our new tracking portal our customer was able to communicate with the police and guide them to its location.

Our Intelligent Geo Fence Alerting system immediately informs the end user of any machines that moves out of hours.


We are seeing a huge trend of stolen quad bikes in the South Wales and Yorkshire Area, we are urging our customers to make sure that all alerts and being directed to the correct people.


South Wales Police have also noticed a large increase in Stolen Quad Bikes recently and explain how farmers are suffering

Thefts of this type can have a detrimental effect on a farmer and in particular if the quad is the part of a working farm


Gang Jailed for £500k tractor theft plat

Three men from Yorkshire have been jailed for almost 10 years for attempted tractor theft.

Three men from Yorkshire have been sentenced to jail sentences of almost 10 years for their part in a plot to steal valuable farm machinery for illegal export to Iraq. Unfortunately for the would be thieves some of the machines stolen were fitted with Plant Secure tracking devices supplied by Plant-i Ltd. Managing Director Sam Browne said “it is rare to see such a conviction, but it is re-assuring that the Police and CPS will act appropriately when given the chance to do so” Sam also added “Plant & Agricultural equipment is highly sought after, owners should think about the risks of not protecting such high value machines, many millions of pounds worth of machines are stolen every year……never to be seen again” With sentences ranging from 20 months to 5 years, this team will have plenty of time to think about their misguided actions.


Stolen Van recovered in Bolton

A Bolton based firm recovered a stolen van with help from Plant i  and the our GPS tracker.

The vehicles owner saw their Ford Transit been driven from their premises by unknown persons, fortunately the vehicles was installed with a sophisticated on board tracking system that not only protects a host vehicle it also scores the driver on how the vehicle is driven. The drama unfolded  when an employee saw the vehicle been taken, the Police were  informed of the occurrence but due to operational issues did not respond as quickly as would be hoped for. Plant i Support monitored the vehicle until it arrived at a location on the outskirts of Bolton where it was quickly de-liveried and had its number plates changed. Despite apparent efforts to find the tracking unit and use jamming equipment, signalled by power loss messages to Plant i Support, the device continued to transmit until the Police arrived at the site several hours later to recover the vehicle. The vehicle is now safe and been checked for forensic evidence in a an effort to identify the alleged perpetrators. Sam Browne Plant i MD said “ We are seeing a dramatic rise in vehicle and Plant thefts throughout the UK in part due to the tough economic climate. It costs relatively very little to track any type of vehicle compared to the costs of actually losing one or even the inconvenience caused by lost productivity”  As for the driver scoring, with a score of only 34 out of 100, We would not recommend the person whom took this vehicle seeks alternative employment as a driver.

New Holland tractors stolen and recovered using our GPS systems

During the evening of 7th December would be thieves thought their Christmas had come early when they came across not one but two high value New Holland Tractors in Yorkshire. They quickly got to work in stealing the Tractors from their remote location under cover of darkness and poor weather conditions. Upon realising what had happened the owner of both machines informed Plant i Alarm Central 24 hr Service of the occurrence. Fortunately both machines were installed with high tech Location & Theft Recovery Tracking devices supplied by Plant i, both machines were immediately put into alarm modes and the Police made aware of the occurrence. The machines were quickly located, enabling Plant-i Alarm Central to guide the Police to the machines exact locations to enable them to be recovered, which will certainly mean a Happy Christmas for their owner.


With the Christmas break quickly approaching Plant-i’s Managing Director Sam Browne advises owners of high value machinery to be extra vigilant, Sam added  “ In these difficult economic times, theft rates are increasing, don’t get caught out with your guard down, take the appropriate steps to ensure your machines are protected”

Working with local police to reduce car theft

Plant i have been working with Local Police Forces in Dyfed and Powys on Covert Tracking s. This has proved very successful by both releasing resource and giving the public peace of mind that if any equipment is stolen we are able to Track and recover it. Using  our engineers we are able to engineer bespoke solutions.


Plant i and Dyfed Powys Police continue to work together to reduce vehicle and asset theft in the 2 counties.

see the full article here :

New Lone Worker monitoring

Plant i have a New GPS lone worker tracking device.

Hand held tracker

We have been looking at several Lone worker devices for many years but at last we have a solution that we can offer with confidence.

This new small device allows two way communication with Powerful built in GPS.

The device can be configured to your needs and alert when it detects no movement or no manual update. The device can also act as a tracking system on our web based mapping and reports.

Do you know your legal requirements as an employer?

Your responsibilities to lone workers

You have the same health and safety responsibilities for lone workers as you do for other people who work for you.

Your first step should be to carry out a health and safety risk assessment. This highlights areas where further action may be needed to remove or minimise the chance of incidents occurring.

Lone workers may be affected by many of the same health and safety risks as other workers. But there are potential risks which are more likely to affect lone workers. You should:

  • Ensure lone workers are medically fit and suitable for the lone-working role they have been assigned.
  • Be aware that some tasks may be too difficult or dangerous to be carried out by an unaccompanied worker.
  • Provide some level of supervision – such as regular visits – for lone workers. See the page in this guide on how to monitor lone workers’ health and safety effectively
  • Put contact procedures in place for emergencies so that the alarm can be raised and prompt medical attention provided if there is an accident.
  • Make provision for lone workers – from fast-food delivery drivers to security personnel – who may be faced with a risk of violence.
  • Check whether there are specific legal requirements. In some high-risk occupations such as diving, lone working is not allowed.

Plant i Develop Telemetry Solution with Shropshire council

Plant i Ltd are developing a Telemetry Solution For Accord and Shropshire Council to monitor the work load of their 2 new Road master road repair and maintenance machines. Using this data Enterprise Plc will be able to give traceability for invoicing to their client Shropshire County Council.

 Shropshire Council will now be able to pull back vital information required to utilise their fleet and create massive savings.

Plant i now supply tracking solutions to several local authorities, we have off the shelf solutions that will drive down running costs and increase productivity saving tax payers money to be spent elsewhere.

One of the things we love most at Plant i is being presented with a problem and working out a solution that helps companies run more efficiently.