Customer benefiting from GPS Tracking System

At Plant-i we welcome all customer feedback, we are constantly looking for faults to ensure that we can quickly fix and provide our customers with the very best GPS Tracking System on the Market.


“We have recently had our plant-i trackers installed into all of our rental vans, and we are already seeing the benefits not only in the security of knowing where our valuable assets are, but also in easier administration. We can identify if vans due in might be late in advance, which allows us to make arrangements rather than it coming as a surprise, and also allows us to see when vans are dropped back out of hours as customers sometimes forget to tell us they are back!


With the driver scoring system which identifies speeding and harshness of acceleration and braking, we can see if any customers need a gentle reminder to adhere to our safe driving policies, which in turn reduces the chance of an incident and helping further safeguard the vans.


Alex – ATM logistics”