Egor Berezin from America has joined Plant i

Egor Berezin from America has joined the Plant i product engineering and support team for a month in during his summer “vacation”.

Egor approached Plant i after research on the internet. Egor was looking for a company involved with connected vehicles that was innovative and had an in house development team.

The team at Plant i have involved Egor in a bespoke application we are building for a local authority as well as working on the next generation vehicle camera solutions.

On his return to the USA Egor will be resuming his studies in High school and hopes the experience in the U.K. Will help his future.

CEO Sam Browne. We are starting Egor third week at Plant i, he is involved with our team in several projects and has proved himself very useful with his problem solving engineering mindset.


What is your favourite car?

The car that stands out to me the most is a current generation, 991.2 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS (Pref. RWD, Manual). That is because the GTS to me is the definitive Porsche car, it could be a daily driver, or a track car if you want it to be. Though an addition of a turbo is not a welcome change, (compared to the N/A of the 991.1 GTS), the more usable mid-range, and more torque, suits the car a lot more.

What are your hobbies?

My current hobbies consist of playing video games, and reading/watching anything about cars.

How are you enjoying your experience at Plant i?

This has been a pleasant experience so far, it has been nice learning about how a relatively smaller business operates, but it has also been really cool to somewhat participate in this process. When I first arrived here, I of course expected to be inside of an office environment, but not like anything before. I have observed that everyone has been doing their job well, and that everyone that helped me out was an expert at that task. People are also friendly to each other, including to me. All in all, it was extremely refreshing to see that an office environment could be a friendly, as well as an efficient working environment.

What have you enjoyed the most?

Over the week and a half of my experience at Plant i, I have enjoyed observing, and working with Dave, one of the engineers at Plant i.

Which Plant i product interests you the most?

I have found the 360 Surround Camera systems really interesting. I have only seen that type of system once, and seeing that again in person, and knowing about how the cameras are mounted and how it works sounds intriguing to me.

It has not been all work for Egor during his stay, we celebrated his 17th Birthday with an evening out. He has also traveled the length of Wales on the weekends including Zip World, watching premiership football and enjoying the beautiful Welsh countryside.

Egor at the base of Cadar Idris on a misty Sunday.