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GPS tracking & telematics for Civil Engineering

For most civil engineering machine users, safety of their machinery is critical.

If a piece of machinery is stolen it can take months before insurance claims are paid out in which time extra expenditure is needed to replace the stolen asset with hired machinery just so you can go on with the daily demands. Combined with working in all manner of environments, with wind rain snow, rubble and dirt, an entirely different solution can be catered for GPS tracking needs.

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As a valued asset Plant machinery is indispensable, for that reason bespoke security alerts can be configured to ensue that if your vehicle is stolen you will receive immediate alerts with consecutive updates so that you can inform the authorities to get the vehicle recovered immediately, whether being driven or being towed. Remote immobilisation is also available for certain situations.

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Rugged Design

Standard tracking devices are not made to deal tougher conditions, rain, wind, snow, being hit and dirt, all these can interfere with a tracker.

We can use a more specialized tracker and combine them with other hardware to ensure that your GPS tracker keeps working even under tougher weather and terrain conditions. We also use a multi networking system giving our tracker the best coverage in the uk ensuring no matter where you are working you will get the best connection available.

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Not Just for the big stuff

With operational staff and managers on the road its essential to know where all personnel and assets are in real time. We can put all of these on one system with different groups and different profiles to give truly customised reports.

Battery Alerts

Power devices and Maintenance

With Plant machinery working hundreds of hours before requiring a service its important to keep on top of them, that’s why maintenance schedules can a be triggered automatically to ensure that they are not missed.

You can also tell if battery voltage drops below a certain level ensuring that when you arrive at a machine you know that the batteries not flat ensuring you don’t lose man hours going back and forth to get extra equipment.

Data analasys

Idle Reports with a difference

Most tracking devices use “stationary time” in order to distinguish a working vehicle and one that is idling, which is ineffective in plant machine that can spend 8 hours in one spot.

With out Gps tracking devices we have sensitive vibration sensers to distinguish if you plant machine is working or simply just ticking over, giving you the right data to reduce fuel costs and unnecessary engine running times.

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