Fleet Tracking & Telematics

Our vehicle tracking system offers you live updates for all of your vehicles, plotted on Google mapping with satellite images and street view.

We have a detailed report suite that includes speeding, idling and driver analysis reports. The system comes equipped with a powerful emailing system to extract the data you need and send it to the recipeients of your choice in an easy to read format.

We are happy to tailor a solution to suit your requirements.

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We recognise that your vehicles are vital to the daily running of your business, for that reason bespoke security alerts can be configured to ensue that if your vehicle is stolen you will receive immediate alerts with consecutive updates so that you can inform the authorities to get the vehicle recovered immediately, making sure you stay in control of your fleet at all times.

Live Tracking

Benefit from a GPS tracking systems that give you reliable data.

With accurate vehicle Positions, Live speed and Vehicle status at a click of your mouse. View your data both live and historically within seconds.

Traffic Jam

Excessive Idling

Tackle excess fuel burn due to vehicle Idle.

Our excess idling reports will enable you to correct drivers who constantly leave their engines running without good reason.

Digital Timesheet

Overtime and Payroll

With Plant i systems installed we can help you to calculate payroll with the accurate number of hours/miles that a driver has travelled.

The use of company vehicles, outside of normal working parameters can be filtered using our private and business mileage report.

HGV Fleet

Verification of Claims

Any type of claim against your fleet whether it be a claim of a late delivery or a no show can be verified with advanced vehicle tracking systems before contacting the driver.

If one of your drivers claim that they were at a particular location at a specific time and the receiver was not present, you can quickly verify the statement using our comprehensive reports suite.

If your driver has been involved in an road incident, you can also rely on our detail risk analysis to paint a picture of what actually happened.

Fuel Efficiency, Driving Styles and Maintenance

Speeding causes accidents and increases fuel consumption dramatically.

Pure Telematics bespoke driver behaviour reports allow you to monitor your driver habits, such as aggressive acceleration, cornering and braking all on one easy to read report.

Service and Maintenance schedules can also be triggered automatically to reduce manual calendar systems and prevent vehicle being used without being serviced.

This is just a small handful of the features we can offer to help you reduce your fleet running costs.

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