HGV Tracking Solutions

GPS tracking & telematics for Haulage

Haulage companies need to track their vehicles throughout each and every route in order to avoid unnecessary hold ups and keep customers in the loop of any expected delays that cannot be avoided before they happen. Haulage companies are often delivering time critical supplies or equipment that has the ability to hold up a production or supply chain.

Most companies reliant on haulage companies to deliver crucial supplies such as building or construction materials, perishable items, parts or any other type of items of a time critical nature, will suffer financially for late deliveries and may be forced to pass on the financial penalty to the haulage company.

By knowing where your fleet is at all times, better decisions can be made including dispatching different vehicles when needed and seeing trending patterns that can be altered to improve productivity.

Dash lights on a car


The amount of money that a haulage company will spend on a vehicle is considerable more than your average ford transit, for that reason bespoke security alerts can be configured to ensue that if your vehicle is stolen you will receive immediate alerts with consecutive updates so that you can inform the authorities to get the vehicle recovered immediately, making sure you stay in control of your fleet.

Points of Interest

With crucial deliveries being made, it can also be arranged that once your vehicle arrives at a set destination you can receive a notification allowing your operation team a smoother transition to the next delivery or pick up awaiting.

Traffic Jam

Excessive Idling

Leaving a vehicle engines on during a delivery just to maintain a cabin temperature can amount to hours of unnecessary engine time which will not only have an effect on fuel consumption, but also increase the wear and tear on vehicles.

Our excess idling reports will enable you to correct drivers who constantly leave their engines running giving you the tools to correct the behaviours going forward.

Digital Timesheet

Overtime and Payroll

With telematic tracking systems we can help you to calculate payroll with the accurate number of hours that a driver is actually on company business and when they have stopped or begun to use the vehicle for personal use.

The use of company vehicles, especially haulage trucks, for private deliveries can be effectively discouraged and exposed if they do occur.

Data analasys

Verification of Claims

Any type of claim against your fleet whether it be a claim of a late delivery or a no show can be verified with advanced vehicle tracking systems before contacting the driver.

If one of your drivers claim that they were at a particular location at a specific time and the receiver was not present you can verify this immediately and contact the customer with confidence that you are not defending a dishonest driver.

Driving Scoring   

Poor driving standards such as speeding  causes accidents and increases fuel consumption dramatically, especially with large haulage vehicles. With bespoke driver behaviour reports to monitor your driver habits such as aggressive acceleration and braking sequences with special alerts for over acceleration, high rpm  and hard braking, making your fleet safer and more economical.


Maintenance schedules can also be triggered automatically as well as if battery voltage drops below a certain level or if excessive temperatures are reached.

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