Insurance & Risk Management

GPS tracking & telematics designed for insurance and risk management

With ever increasing demands to monitor the performance of a vehicles it is crucial to implement a system that can aid with making informed decisions based on factual data rather than 3rd party word of mouth. With telematics at your side a small GPS tracking devices is installed into your vehicles giving you access to all the information with breakdowns of certain events, such as speeding and harsh braking. We also include an overview report to score driver to measure performance on a long term basis. All these tools can help manage the risk involved with your operations ensuring a higher level of health and safety.

Points of Interest

With specific locations being of high risk such as race tracks, ports, airports and even high risk postcode areas, we can set up custom alert notifications so that if a vehicle is in one of these areas the risk management team can investigate if ever there were a claim relating to an incident.

Speed camera


Its a known fact that speeding is a major contribution to vehicles involved in road incidents. With advanced telematics, it is possible to see how fast a vehicle is going, what their average speeds are, if they break speeding laws and are they repeat offenders or one off incidents, Giving risk management team clarity on which drivers have disregarded the law on many occasions and therefore making them higher risk drivers.


Odometer Readings

A factor in the chances of being involved in a road incident is the amount of time spent on the road.

With telematics a risk management team can see actually how many miles are accumulated in a day, week, month and year to see if a vehicle is doing more mileage than previously thought, i.e doing 15,000 miles instead of 10,000.

FNOL Alerts

Impact Detection

With every vehicle involved within a collision a potential claim, its important that claims teams know immediately when a vehicle has had an impact, Telematic tracking devices can recorded and detect any impact on a vehicle with different calibrations for different vehicle classes. This means that when an impact has been detected an alert is sent ut immediately so that all relevant parties know what sort of collision they are looking at whether it be minor or major.

Verification of Claims

Any type of claim against a vehicle is of the utmost of importance.

If a driver has been involved in an road incident it is important to know in detail what happened. With a GPS telematic box you will be able to see the time, location, speed, impact detection and g-force data. Giving the risk management and claims management teams the tools they need to verify if an incident happened as they described, this combined with the use of on board dash camera can give a full and accurate description to any vehicle incident that has occurred. It is also important when looking at “Crash for Cash” as GPS trackers can help identify fraudulent claims.

Driver scorecards

So we know that speeding, specific poi’s and crashing are all things that we want to avoid but how do you filter out the good drivers from the bad?

With intelligent telematics its possible to see your drivers on an easy to understand snapshot report of how well they are driving. It takes into consideration speeding, harsh breaking, harsh acceleration and even idling to give them a score, the higher the score the better their driving habits are being reported, the lower scores are cause for concern and need attention as their driving habits are of those who are more likely to have a vehicle related incident.

Prevention is the best course of action when it comes to risk management.

Fleet scorecards

Sometimes its difficult to differentiate between which vehicle is being driven by which driver unless you are using a driver i.d system , for these instances we have introduced fleet scorecards giving a breakdown of all the vehicles in the fleet and giving an overall score giving the risk management team a better overall picture on how the fleets driving habits.

Theft Alerts

Vehicles are a tangible asset and for that reason bespoke security alerts can be configured to ensue that if a vehicle is stolen you will receive immediate alerts with consecutive updates so that you can inform the authorities to get the vehicle recovered immediately. These can be configured by the user by either time based movements or geofence technology.

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