Plant-i have been working closely with major insurance underwriters for the past 5 years and have developed the ultimate risk management solution. Not only will the system now allow you to monitor the movements of your vehicles but you can now see exactly how they are being driven and act upon erratic driving before an accident occurs. Our innovative new Mi-Dash display gives you one-click analysis of your whole fleet and will highlight any sub-standard driving on our graphical interface.

We recently partnered up with Flint Insurance who are now introducing the Plant i Risk Management system into their policies.


Flint is an independent, trusted insurance broker, with over 30 years trading experience. We choose the best products for our clients and always work with only quality business partners.

In addition to selecting the right insurance policy for our fleet client’s needs, we also support them throughout the life of their policy. This means significant help with risk management to keep insurance premiums at a minimum and enhanced support and intervention in the event of a claim.

The use of telematics has revolutionised fleet insurance and risk management; Plant-i has been extremely influential in its implementation and on-going development of the technology.

Plant-i mirrors the Flint ethos of supplying the best product for the customer’s needs, together with extended customer support and care.

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes and Plant-i has responded with reliability, flexibility and a service-led approach – which is just what we need. Plant-i really helps us add significant value to our insurance offering.

Flint Insurance

Darren Taylor, Director


Our system has been built on years of testing real data and fine tuning to create the ultimate risk management tracking system.

A small “black box” is fitted into the vehicle to monitor every aspect of the drivers behaviour.

Our in house software developers have spent 1000s of man hours refining the software on the box to ensure every erratic driving event is recorded so that it can be displayed on our easy to read MiDash Portal.