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Gang Jailed for £500k tractor theft plat

Three men from Yorkshire have been jailed for almost 10 years for attempted tractor theft.

Three men from Yorkshire have been sentenced to jail sentences of almost 10 years for their part in a plot to steal valuable farm machinery for illegal export to Iraq. Unfortunately for the would be thieves some of the machines stolen were fitted with Plant Secure tracking devices supplied by Plant-i Ltd. Managing Director Sam Browne said “it is rare to see such a conviction, but it is re-assuring that the Police and CPS will act appropriately when given the chance to do so” Sam also added “Plant & Agricultural equipment is highly sought after, owners should think about the risks of not protecting such high value machines, many millions of pounds worth of machines are stolen every year……never to be seen again” With sentences ranging from 20 months to 5 years, this team will have plenty of time to think about their misguided actions.