Introducing GPS Tracking to your business

Ok this is probably the most important you’ll read about GPS tracking

Now that you’ve decided to introduce GPS tracking, it’s probably important to get your team on board too! One of the perks of working in a company like ours and yours is having access to a company vehicle, a perk most of the working country doesn’t get.

By using the Plant-i GPS tracking platform, we can assist in making sure you are getting the most out of the companies vehicles whether it being a ford transit or an Aston Martin DB9

Our software helps highlight the good and bad habits of your drivers helping you keep more of that hard earned capital in the business, the best drivers will adapt to the system with open arms which can help sway “the others” into performing better once they have a tangible target to strive towards it.

The cost of safety

The GPS tracking system form Plant-i not only lets you keep an eye on a vehicles maintenance and keep track of your drivers behaviour but in a worst case scenario an alert you if there has been a collision you have an accurate account of what happened before, so you can show see who was really to blame, but also if a vehicle is stolen, our recovery rate is one of the highest in the UK at 99% and with recoveries been organized at a phenomenal speed it can result in lower/no costs on damages and insurance as a reward for providing proactive safety and security measures.

Superior Service

GPS Tracking as a customer service tool is indispensable, with accurate GPS data customers no longer have the chance to put forward false complaints of missed deliveries or overcharges, you can back your employees, boosting the workforce morale but also attend to customer needs quicker. Happy all round then.


GPS tracking can provide a plethora of benefits that help you increase revenue. These include reduced fuel costs, better operational productivity and possible lower insurance costs.

All these saving combined can help you re-distribute this capital investing more in newer technologies and processes thus furthering your savings.

What about in your next sales pitch you include that you use telematics giving you better control over situations, you can bet your competitors will be so should you.