About Us

Sam Browne founded Plant-i Ltd in 2004 in Machynlleth, Mid Wales. Initially focusing on providing bespoke tracking and telemetry solutions for the Plant Industry. Plant-i organically grew to encompass fleets from all industry types, providing a much wider range of solutions than any other solutions provider in the UK. Today Plant-i have the most comprehensive systems available with an award-winning Customer Service Team available 24 Hours a day.

Our Incredible team have been awarded for their excellence, which include several Powys Business Awards, Fast Growth 50 and many others.

We offer our customers fleet management vehicle tracking and asset security. In addition to this we have developed a software application for smart phones and tablets to help manage work flow and communication, systems to help reduce workshop costs such as waterless coolants and monitoring driving standards.

Our biggest step in becoming a leading company in vehicle telematics came this year when we achieved full ISO 9001 status. Plant-i demonstrated to The British Standards Institution (BSI) that we had rigid quality management systems in place, thorough staff training, processes for new product development and implementation, and even how they interface with customers, this is a huge USP as it gives a massive reassurance to customers that no other tracking company can offer.

With Plant -i also holding ISO14001 Environmental Standard, we are committed to protecting the environment and leading the industry in minimising the impact of its activities and those of its customers.

Our ISO accreditation, awards in innovation and business along with our no tie in contracts, we are leading the way in the tracking and the telematics industry today and are the natural choice in vehicle GPS solutions.

We are experienced

With a team working on research and development and our history proudly originating in developing telematics, we are continually looking for ways to improve and enhance all our customers’ experience, and when we develop a bespoke solution for a customer we can pass this on to all customers who would benefit from it.

All of Plant-i Ltd customers receive the highest levels of service and product quality to make sure that we are offering not only better return for your investment but a better experience for it as well, whether a sole trader or a fleet of 5000 we will give you our very best.

Tracking Reports

We work well with others

There are various situations where hardware and software integration is essential.

This is why when you need to know when a Gritter starts spreading, a roadsweeper starts its cleaning route or  any other request we can tailor a solution to make sure you get all the accurate data you desire and we are proud to offer this to you.

We are organised

We archive all the data on your vehicles with no time restrictions, where some suppliers boast a maximum of two years hosting, our data is always available to you, this means that its always available should you ever need it, better yet we can even deliver your reports to your email inbox so that when you start work they are already waiting for you with the latest information.

Our award winning technical support team reduces downtime and maintenance costs and, unlike many of our competitors, we also offer one-to-one personal training over the internet or phone to guide you through any help you may need.

Plant-i is proud to be part of Radius, a group that employ over 1,500 people with a turnover of £2.5 billion in 2019. Radius is currently ranked 19th in the Sunday Times HSBC Top Track 100 and has 27 office locations across 15 countries.

The Radius story began in 1990 when Bill Holmes set up a fuel card company in the north of England, UK Fuels. After more than 30 years of growth and development across the globe, Radius is a key global player providing an array of market leading fuel card, telematics, telecoms, insurance and payment card services to over 300,000 customers from a range of business sectors.

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