Insurance costs

Whilst many companies are feeling the pinch when it comes to their Fleet Insurance, Insurers are now turning to the experience of Telematic Solutions Providers to help them help their customers

Plant-i has deployed many Insurance focussed solutions over recent months aimed at the early detection of incidents using a process known as FNOL Alerting (First Notification of Loss) and  Driver Scoring to ensure that vehicles are driven to a high standard whilst out on the roads. Sam  Browne Plant-i’s MD says “ The improved standards of driving we see from Insurance monitored fleets not only reduces premiums it saves money on fuel, maintenance and prolongs the viable life of any vehicle” Whilst the Insurance companies interests are unobtrusive within the process, leading Insurance bodies are hailing the technology as a major breakthrough with claims down by over 20% and the value of claims down by 30%.

For more information on how you can reduce premiums look under our product page under “risk management” or get in touch