All hands on deck last week, We had 6 engineers at a Mercedes dealer fitting our Live HD DVR Camera system to a large fleet of brand new vans.

The solution consisted of 6 Cameras neatly mounted around the vehicle.

The setup of the solution offers HD Recording and Remote footage download of video files.

If you’ve driven a van before you will know that visibility is limited especially in busy built-up areas, our DVR Camera system dramatically improves vision in-cab using an LCD Display.

DVR Camera System

The Solution

  1. Front Camera Facing the road
  2. Two side cameras facing the rear of the vehicle
  3. Rear Facing Camera externally mounted
  4. In-Cab Camera for driver protection
  5. Load camera offering goods surveillance

We also provide special triggers on an action, for example when the driver indicates left, the in-cab display screen would display the near side camera live to assist the driver whilst manoeuvering.

In addition to that, we offer full-screen rear camera when the reverse gear is selected.

What are the benefits?

  • Live Vehicle Location

  • Blind spot Elimination

  • In-Cab Camera Screen

  • HD Video Surveillance

  • Video Alerts Upon Impact

  • Speeding Reports

  • Remote Video Download

  • Live Video Streaming

Can we help you?

Plant i offer camera systems tailored to your requirements.

Our systems cater for 1 – 8 camera solutions all on one platform for you to easily manage your fleet.

Video Telematics offers masses of security for both the company and the driver.

The live link camera system allows you to remotely download incidents on our user-friendly tracking portal, saving you the troubles of pulling vehicles off the road to retrieve the footage.

If you have a specific requirement or wish to speak to someone who can offer advice on our systems please get in touch by calling 01654 700 372, alternatively, you can email where a member of the camera development team will be more than happy to help.