Earlier this year Plant-i were approached by Airbus and asked to quote for a bespoke Tracking solution to help manage the use of their fleet. Airbus had a requirement for accurate real-time GPS, Driver Identification, Supply of Front and Rear Cameras and Various other bespoke applications. Airbus looked at several tracking providers before choosing Plant-i as their Telematics provider. “We developed and tailored a solution to meet all the requirements needed to fulfil their exact needs”said Systems Director Jason McAuley. “Our in house engineers and developers quickly turned around and tested the Airbus solution”. We are delighted to add Airbus to our customer portfolio and look forward to working with them over the coming years”. One of the hurdles that Airbus came up against was the outdated satellite Imagery of their premises. Following Several meetings and training sessions to find out exactly what was needed, Plant-i were quickly able to turn this into a positive, we have implemented live map interaction meaning they would know exactly what warehouse or part of the runway the vehicles were at every second of the day, real time and historically.

Airbus tracking System

In terms of the response of my enquiries and the immediate action I have from received from the Support desk in terms of the Airbus account, I would like to forward my point of view that it is very good.

The working relationship has always been very professional and the attitude to complete my requirement has been demonstrated on numerous occasions has enabled me to forward this view.

Bernard Curd

Plan & Distribute Project Leader

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