Plant-i Multi Channel Vision

We continue to develop all of our products ensuring that we not only offer a fantastic service, but the best solutions available on the market.

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Our innovative live video telematics system offers cloud storage for all your events and video downloads.
This allows you to track back through historical footage at the click of a button from anywhere in the world.
Our Portal offers a feature to request and download historical HD footage from the Camera once installed to your vehicle.
We have a range of Vehicle CCTV cameras to suit all your applications. Integrated with our Telematics portal you can now track, watch and replay your vehicles footage at the click of a button.
Our Cameras have Live Streaming web access from anywhere in the world, you can even trawl back and request historical footage from our online portal.
Can you afford not to have CCTV fitted to your vehicles?
We Often Build Solutions Based on Customer Requirements.
With many of our clients approaching us to provide customer designed solutions that cannot be acquired from the industry, we have quickly built a name for ourselves as the go to telematics firm delivering a solution to suit the customers requirements.
We Regularly provide specialised bespoke telematics for new and existing customers, often building solutions from the ground up, using our expertise to provide the very best solution for their business.
If you have a project that you would like us to apply our expertise too, then get in touch through our contact form below.
More about workforms
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Take advantage of the 8 inputs allowing up to 8 HD Cameras on your vehicle. We have a large range of cameras suitable for all applications
Side Camera DVR installation
CCTV Sticker
DVR Camera System
Internal Camera DVR