passenger wifi
passenger wifi


The demand for passenger Wi-Fi is clearer than ever. Internet is expected everywhere and people are increasingly becoming more and more used to being connected wherever they are.

The opportunity to increase productivity while travelling is making public transport usage more attractive to the population. Being ahead of the curve in this respect can be a big competitive advantage for operators over other forms of transport; if there is no way for passengers to be productive during their journeys, many may choose to drive instead.

Icomera’s passenger Wi-Fi service has been installed on tens of thousands of buses, coaches, trains, trams and water vehicles across the globe, serving millions of passengers every week.

The majority of our customers have now adopted the model where the Wi-Fi is free for all passengers. They’ve conducted their own research and found that offering free Wi-Fi boosts passenger numbers in excess of the cost of deploying the technology.

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More Passengers

Our customers have publicly reported increases in passenger numbers since installing Wi-Fi

Promote your brand

The portal is completely customisable and can be used to promote your brand or products

Control your data

Easily manage your data usage and customer data allowance remotely from our configuration portal

Added security

Use your vehicle’s Internet connection to improve the safety of your passengers. With the Icomera CCTV service, footage can be directly streamed to headquarters

  • Serving millions of passengers every week globally