GPS Tracking system

Prestige Vehicle Tracking System

  • Real-time location display with satellite imagery
  • Fleet management tools
  • Full UK and EU coverage
  • Improve your fuel economy
  • Security alerts
  • Award winning support
  • No tie in contract

Prices From £149.00

£9.00 per month data licence

(no tie in contract & rental options available)

How it works

The prestige vehicle tracking device is a small tracking unit around the same size as a smart phone, the device is covertly installed into a vehicle, it then transmits the vehicles GPS location, speed and status to live map which is view able through a secure tracking system.

If the vehicle is “secured” through the dedicated link, any movements or tamper attempts trigger alerts will be sent directly to your email address.

  • 99% recovery rate to date
  • Back up battery
  • Decoy tracker device
  • Tamper alerts
  • Unauthorised Movement alerts
  • Online Tracking System

Why choose Plant I?

Plant i originally started in the Plant and Machinery market focussing on robust security solutions, this has since branched out into full vehicle telemetry and detailed tracking data for some the biggest insurance underwriters in the UK.

With the combination of our Security Roots and our Extremely successful Risk Management solutions, Plant i can guarantee an excellent security device for your vehicles.

Security Alerts

Simple security alerts that can be configured by the user at the click of a mouse to give total control of when and how a vehicle is secured also preventing unauthorized use of company vehicles by either Geofence perimeters or time based alerts

Realtime Vehicle Location

With powerful satellite image overlay, it’s possible to see the vehicle on a live map and zoom in to Google street view

Journey Replay

See a detailed report of a vehicles journey with speed and time data includes a great way to improve routing and improve fuel efficiency with your fleet

Alert Notifications

Powerful alerts to ensure that you know if an asset has been taken giving you the upper hand to notify the authorities and get the vehicle recovered.

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