Trailer Tracking

Trailer Tracking for Superior logistics

battery tracking device
  • Expand Visibility

    Live Tracking Location for your trailer and its current status.

  • Fleet Utilisation

    Analyse your fleet and manage your work based on real data

  • Save Time

    Save time with our comprehensive reports suite, we’ll tell you when your goods reach a location.

  • Customer Service

    Re assure your customers with accurate ETAs.

  • Historical Journeys

    Replay historical journeys or check drop off times using our reports suite.

A range of solutions

Trailer Tracking Solutions

Plant-i supply a number of house name brands with robust trailer tracking solutions.

Our fully configurable trailer tracking devices can be altered to suit almost any requirements.

We have both self powered and hard wired solutions to suit all types of projects.

  • Live Location

    Monitor your trailers every move

  • Replay Historical Journeys

    Plot your historical journeys on a map with time stamps

  • Drop of Times

    Know exactly what time your trailers arrived at a depot

  • Temperature Reports

    The optional temperature module allows you to monitor live temperature readings.

  • Voltage Readings

    Live Voltage readings of your vehicle

Why choose Plant-I?

With a proven track record of supplying bespoke solutions built to the customers requirements we are the number one choice for a one stop shop for all industries.

With over 15 years of experience in both Tracking and Battery management it is quite safe to say that we have one of the best trailer tracking solutions on the market.

Reports Suite

Full Traceability of your trailers location from the moment it was fitted. Look back at where you trailer was parked and when it was moved with our reports suite.

Vehicle Location

With powerful satellite image overlay, it’s possible to see the vehicle on a live map and zoom in to Google street view.

High Capacity Battery

With advanced battery optimisation we have a developed a self powered tracking device that will enable you to monitor the location of your trailer for up to 4 Years.

Geo Fence Security

With a powerful geofence security option you will be instantly alerted if your trailer moves out of a security zone

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