Haulier tracking

Superior devices for Superior logistics

  • Live Vehicle Location
  • Fuel and Emission Management
  • CO2 Management Data
  • Excess Idle and RPM Data
  • Journey Replay Reports
  • Full UK and EU Coverage
  • Award Winning support

Prices from £199.00

£9.00 per month data licence

(no tie in contract & rental options available)

How it works

HGV Check + uses OEM level hardware to transmit live CANbus data from any HGV fleet regardless of vehicle manufacturer. HGV Check + assists users to reduce your fuel and vehicle running costs by providing crucial data on how any driver is performing whilst out on the road. The information provided enables Fleet Managers to mentor Drivers to use improved driving habits, a key component to reducing fuel costs and reducing C02 output by up to 15%. Simple to use reports linked to effective Account Management make HGV Check+ the solution of choice for HGV Operators of all fleet types and sizes.

  • Real time location of all your vehicles on one map.
  • Ability to search for closest vehicle to appoint of interest for better dispatching.
  • Ability to see drop off and pick points on the map.
  • Speeding, harsh accelerations and breaking alerts to monitor driver behaviour.
  • Impact alerts letting you know when an incident has occurred.
  • Detailed custom reports for improved operations.
  • Scheduled reports delivered to your email inbox.
  • Optional driver I.D system.

Highlight / overview

If you are reasonable for a more than one vehicle and want to improve customer service and productivity whilst reducing vehicle costs and wasted man hours then the telematics package will be a welcomed ally with benefits such as

Dashboard Displays & Reports

Improved compliance and legislation with all the vehicles data to hand, start and stop times, speed alerts, routes taken, it has never been easier to show that your business is complying with all the necessary legislation and laws if ever asked with data archived so you have access to it whenever you need.

Real Time Vehicle Location

With powerful satellite image overlay, it’s possible to see the vehicle on a live map and zoom in to Google street view.

Advanced Reporting

With the ability to plug directly into the CANbus it is possible to get a much higher level of information from your vehicles including RPM, fuel usage and more.

*some features require additional hardware inputs.

Driver Scoring

With the biggest cause of traffic incidents and fuel usage being human errors and bad habits, it’s essential t know how your operators are performing out on the road, with driver behaviour reports you can full detailed of every journey broken down into individual events to make it more manageable and easier to identify problem areas that can be improved.

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