Maritime GPS Tracking

Sure devices for sea superiority

  • Iridium SBD
  • Built in Battery (optional)
  • Duplex Communication/ Remote Configuration
  • Position Tracking
  • Data Tracking
  • Analogue Input
  • Digital I/O (2)
  • On-board intelligent control of outputs
  • Internal Antenna (TMC) or External (BAY)

Prices dependent on specification

How it works

With not all vehicles on the road it is important to know not just where all your vehicles are , all on one screen. Where many telematics companies simply can’t offer coverage at sea due to no GPRS or 3g signal, Plant-i have secured the use of Iridium technology to offer 100% global coverage.

Real time location of all your vehicles on one map no matter the type.

  • Speed, location times..
  • Detailed custom reports at your disposal.
  • Scheduled reports delivered to your email inbox.
  • Multiple users for one fleet.
  • Ability to add inland vehicles to same platform

Why choose Plant I?

With experience in creating Iridium tracking solutions for a globally followed power boat race, Our products range from basic Vessel GPS security right through to bespoke Iridium Telemetry solutions.

Security Alerts

Geo-Fence Alerts ensuring that you vessel stays where you left it. Plant i also provide Voltage monitoring so you can keep an eye on your battery level without leaving your home.

Real Time Vessel Location

With satellite image overlay and the latest GPS Technology, you have the ability to see exactly where you Vessel is every minute of the day.

Voyage Replay

See a detailed report of a vessel journey with speed and time data includes with breakdown of any events of concern such as stopping points.

Global Coverage

With the use of Iridium technology we are one of the only telematics groups that can offer a reliable global tracking solution.

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