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Plant-i have been working closely with major insurance underwriters for the past 5 years and have developed the ultimate risk management solution. Not only will the system now allow you to monitor the movements of your vehicles but you can now see exactly how they are being driven and act upon erratic driving before an accident occurs. Our innovative new Mi-Dash display gives you one-click analysis of your whole fleet and will highlight any sub-standard driving on our graphical interface.

How it works

Our system has been built on years of testing real data and fine tuning to create the ultimate risk management tracking system.

A small “black box” is fitted into the vehicle to monitor every aspect of the drivers behaviour.

Our in house software developers have spent 1000s of man hours refining the software on the box to ensure every erratic driving event is recorded so that it can be displayed on our easy to read MiDash Portal.

Driving Standards

The 3-axis accelerometer paired with our bespoke software highlights any erratic driving.

Acceleration, braking and cornering are all monitored each second the vehicle is being driven painting a clear image of the driving standards.

Impact Alerts

Once an impact is detected the device will send 20 seconds of data pre and post incident at a rate of 100 updates a second.

This will be displayed on an easy to read report which gives a full picture of the events/speed leading up to the incident.

Security Alerts

Our devices not only boast a strong risk management portfolio, but once covertly installed into the vehicle they offer huge security benefits. Our security alerts portal allow the user to set up unauthorised movement alerts which dramatically increases the chance of recovery in the event of a theft.

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