Another Quad Bike Recovered

Moving office is never a good time but as we all know growth means that sometimes you have to bite the bullet pack your desks and move 100 meters down the road ( that what we did)

Fortunately for one client an email sent about the office move was just what she needed as whilst on vacation she had been alerted that one of their quad bikes had been stolen.

Calling one of the Plant i team members on their mobile she alerted of her dilemma.

Sure enough Plant i confirmed that the quad as no longer where she left it and with some liaising  with the police they were able to direct them to the middle of a woodland area where the quad bike was recovered and kept safe and sound ( despite having the ignition broken by the thieves) until she returned from vacation.

How can we prevent the theft of Quad Bikes?

Assign Alerts

Our Tracking Devices allow you to set up real time alerts for unauthorized movement and vibration.
Most thefts can be recovered if the police are notified in the early stages of the theft. Don’t give the thieves time to strip your assets and remove the tracking unit.

Create Obstruction
The easiest way to steal quad bikes is to roll them away. Don’t make it easy for the thieves, obstruct your bike with a vehicle or something inconvenient, if possible keep it locked away.

Install PIR lights near the Quad Bike. 

Nobody wants to be in a spot light whilst trying to steal something.
A simple light could save your bike from being stolen.