Reduce fuel consumption by 20 Percent

Research shows that Fuel consumption can be reduce by over 20 percent using Telematics


We have introduced  CPC / SAFED Driver Training as an option with our award winning HGV Check+ Telematics Solution.

Sam Browne said “By using fully qualified HGV Driving Instructors alongside Plant-i’s HGVCheck+ Telematics CANbus Solution, we are able to clearly demonstrate just how much less fuel a vehicle will use when driven efficiently, thus creating a measured benchmark for the driver to achieve on a permanent basis”

Recent projects in Wales have shown astonishing improvements in fuel economy, with some drivers reducing fuel usage by over 20 percent, saving the fleet money.

Plant-i HGV Instructor Jim said “One of the key issues is that many drivers do not know how to drive their vehicle the way it is intended to be driven, vehicles today are not the same as they were 15-20 years ago and need to be driven according to type and role. The issues are highlighted by HGVCheck+ telematics but often the resources to correct the problems are not available in house”

When technology and management are combined correctly you really can measure, manage and maintain optimum efficiency and therefore reduce fuel usage and increase profitability.