Reduce fuel consumption by reducing idle time

Reduce Fuel Consumption by reducing Idle Time

 As fuel prices spiral ever upwards reducing your fuel and garage bills will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Our GPS Tracking system will allow you to:

  • Monitor daily Idle time
  • Monitor speeds – Excessive speed burns fuel
  • Ensure drivers are taking direct routes
  • Monitor drivers start and finish time
  • Monitor drivers time on site vs time driving
  • Monitor vehicle costs and fuel usage
  • Optional extra: Monitor vehicle On Board Diagnostic (OBD) to give you true MPG, Harsh Braking, Harsh Acceleration using our new built in Can-bus reader.
  • Monitor CO2 emissions

In addition one hour idling per day over one year is equivalent to 64,000 miles in engine wear when adding up all the contributing factors.

A recent study shows that a vehicle using Motorway routes that don’t exceed 70mph will benefit from an extra 7mpg.

The chart below shows DAILY, MONTHLY and ANNUAL costs for vehicles idling for 1 hour per day @ fuel cost of £5.91 per gallon.



Daily Idling Cost

Monthly idling cost

Yearly Idling cost


















You do the sums, Our Tracking systems cost from £0.35 per day