Reduce your Carbon Footprint


Plant i are always looking for new and innovative ways to help the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. If you or your business is going green then email Plant i and tell us what you’re doing to help make a difference!


Try the Act on Co2 calculator and find out how you can help tackle climate change.


All Business’s must make money to survive and deliver long term support. To do this they must keep costs to a minimum, by doing this it has automatically reduced our carbon footprint dramatically. Some steps we have made are:

  • We do not have sales staff driving around the country. 98% of our sales are from referrals.
  • We share an office with another company part owned by Plant i thus utilising staff
  • We have changed our vehicles to for better mpg and reduced Co2
  • We have developed this new web site that allows all sales documents to be downloaded and an on line demonstration site.
  • We have trained our engineers to deliver on site user training to reduce repeat trips.
  • Optimising our engineer’s days to increase performance and reduce wasted miles.
  • Supply our engineers with satellite navigation to save wasted time and miles.
  • Where possible we use engineers local to you.
  • We have monthly reviews to continually look at ways forward.

Along with our small steps we help reduce CO2 for many companies, remember every waited mile and minute is waisted money and this also increases your Carbon Footprint.

Plant i Ltd have Green Dragon Level 2 Enviromenal Standard (CY/POW/1787)