At the weekend’s event, one of the many shooters that DTL News spoke to was 26 year old Rhys Lewis.
Rhys was paralysed by a falling tree in April 2014 and spent 15 weeks in hospital-8 of those weeks flat on his back.
After being discharged and a recovery period, Rhys decided to pick up where he’d left off and started shooting again in February 2016, when he bought a Beretta A300 semi-auto-a lighter gun so could be used on anything.
Rhys had always had an interest in shooting as his Grandfather, Edward Ieuan Lewis, had shot for Wales through the 1970’s and into the ’80’s and he had always heard stories about him when growing up.
The A300 didn’t last long before Rhys picked up his 686 again, to practice and keep him occupied over the winter months.

Rhys is on Target

Gamebore Machynlleth

Rhys and partner Helen who works at Plant-i

In May this year, Jonathan Williams and Luke Murray from Mid Wales Shooting Centre persuaded Rhys to try a Trap gun and shortly afterwards, he bought a Browning Ultra XTR.
A few more practice rounds and some persuasion from Luke and Rhys entered his first DTL competition in July and scored 94/282 and then 92/272 the following day at the Welsh Grand Prix.
A busy summer working for a baling contractor made more shoots impossible as was gaining a registered classification-but shooting at the last Powys qualifier, he shot a 96/281.
Going into Day 1 of the Gamebore DTL Grand Prix with little expectations, Rhys shot his first 100, scoring 100/296!!
On Day 2, Rhys’ busy schedule meant he could only shoot 50 targets before having to drive to Aberystwyth where he plays for the West Coast Warriors in Division 3 of the National Wheelchair Basketball League-before then driving back and shooting his remaining 50 targets and ending on a 98/292 which placed him 41 st overall in the AA classifications on his 3rd registered shoot.
For giving up her weekends to follow him around the country, Rhys is thankful for the support of his partner Helen.
Also thanking Jonathan, Lisa, Arthur, Luke and the team at Mid Wales Shooting Centre for their help and giving him the confidence to take up competitive shooting, Rhys’ hopes for the future are to shoot consistently, hopefully secure some sponsorship and make the most of the opportunities given to him.
We at DTL News wish this young man success in the future and we’ll be keeping an eye out for him.