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GPS tracking & telematics for Private Vehicles

Vehicle Tracking Systems can play a huge part in the management of a Private hire fleet.

By knowing where your fleet is at all times, better decisions can be made including dispatching different vehicles when needed and seeing trending patterns that can be altered to improve productivity as well as having added security.

With the use of features such as speed limit database and Driver scoring data you can make sure that your vehicles are not being miss treated.

We understand that every customer has different requirements, why not get in touch to see how our in house development team can help you manage your fleet using our Tracking system.

Dash lights on a car


As a part of the fleet vehicles are a tangible asset of the company it, for that reason bespoke security alerts can be configured to ensue that if your vehicle is stolen you will receive immediate alerts with consecutive updates so that you can inform the authorities to get the vehicle recovered immediately, making sure you stay in control of your fleet at all times.

Live map updates with POI

Being able to see all your assets on a live map makes it easier to manage with  specific locations being of interest to certain companies, it can also be arranged that once your vehicle arrives at a set destination you can receive a notification allowing your operations to have a greater understanding of where your vehicles are at a moments glance, whether its  back at the depot or at a high risk area such as a port or racetrack.

Speed camera


Its a known fact that speeding is a major contribution to vehicles involved in road incidents. With advanced telematics, it is possible to see how fast a vehicle is going, what their average speeds are, if they break speeding laws and are they repeat offenders or one off incidents, Giving risk management team clarity on which drivers have disregarded the law on many occasions and allowing you to make informed decisions about continuing to hire your vehicles out to them.

Impact Detection

With every vehicle involved within a collision a potential claim, its important that claims teams know immediately when a vehicle has had an impact, Telematic tracking devices can recorded and detect any impact on a vehicle with different calibrations for different vehicle classes. This means that when an impact has been detected an alert is sent  immediately so that all relevant parties know what sort of collision they are looking at whether it be minor or major, also  whether it is a possible “crash for cash” incident.

Tracking Reports

Keeping your fleet on the road

With larger fleets it can be a task in itself just knowing when a vehicle is due for a service to keep it running at its best. With all units being able to set reminders on when a vehicle is due its never been easier to keep on top of ensuring your fleet stays on the road.

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