Following discussions with the Plant i team Rafal of RS Machinery decided to invest in tracking devices for his Plant and Machinery a couple of months ago.

Having being alerted that one of their JCB Mini Diggers had been stolen, the director was quick to call Plant-i who were able to confirm the the machine was on the move.
Plant-i followed the machine online as the director Rafal made his way to investigate further.


Watching the progress unfold in real-time constant updates were sent to Rafal so that he could pursue his stolen mini digger until a critical point was reached where the unit could be seen on the satellite map entering a freight container yard.


Immediately Plant-i called Rafal to check on his progress, where the decision to alert the authorities was made. Plant-i then liaised with the metropolitan police giving them all the details of the stolen mini digger and current location while Rafal made haste towards the container yard where the tracking device which was now sending vibration alerts that indicated that the mini digger was being loaded.

Upon arrival Rafal called plant-i where his crime reference number was given with the current status of the police.

It took the police (who turned up on bikes) a further 2 hours to get the permission to get freight opened, where despite the tracker being in a steel container was still reporting its location.

When the container was opened not to the surprise of Rafal his Stolen Mini digger was found along with a further five other pieces of small plant which had also been stolen but not recovered.

It proves that if you believe your assets has been stolen that time is critical as most stolen assets are stored to “cool” off before they are shipped.

Our friends at RS machinery saved tens of thousands of pounds all thanks to the critical steps they took to protect their plant.