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Stolen Quad recovered in Abergavenny Friday Evening

Friday evening we received a call from a customer who was on holiday to inform us that she had received an unauthorised movement alert on one of her assets. It was evident that a Quad had been stolen.

This enabled Customer relations Nicholas Harvey to quickly check the customers account and begin tracking the Stolen Quad.

Nick quickly contacted the local police department and gave them pin point directions to the Stolen Quad, which had been hidden in a small woodland near Abergavenny.

The police quickly moved to the location and found the Quad abandoned behind some bushes, a recovery company was called and the Quad was taken to storage until the customer returned from their holiday.

This is the fifth stolen Quad that the team have recovered in the past two weeks.

We urge all customers to get in touch and make sure that the security alerts are set up to the relevant contacts.


We have noticed a large increase in Stolen Quads in the South Wales area.
Stolen Quad bike recovered