Stolen Van recovered in Bolton

A Bolton based firm recovered a stolen van with help from Plant i  and the our GPS tracker.

The vehicles owner saw their Ford Transit been driven from their premises by unknown persons, fortunately the vehicles was installed with a sophisticated on board tracking system that not only protects a host vehicle it also scores the driver on how the vehicle is driven. The drama unfolded  when an employee saw the vehicle been taken, the Police were  informed of the occurrence but due to operational issues did not respond as quickly as would be hoped for. Plant i Support monitored the vehicle until it arrived at a location on the outskirts of Bolton where it was quickly de-liveried and had its number plates changed. Despite apparent efforts to find the tracking unit and use jamming equipment, signalled by power loss messages to Plant i Support, the device continued to transmit until the Police arrived at the site several hours later to recover the vehicle. The vehicle is now safe and been checked for forensic evidence in a an effort to identify the alleged perpetrators. Sam Browne Plant i MD said “ We are seeing a dramatic rise in vehicle and Plant thefts throughout the UK in part due to the tough economic climate. It costs relatively very little to track any type of vehicle compared to the costs of actually losing one or even the inconvenience caused by lost productivity”  As for the driver scoring, with a score of only 34 out of 100, We would not recommend the person whom took this vehicle seeks alternative employment as a driver.