Vehicle Stolen from UK and Recovered in Poland

With around 70,000 stolen vehicles the UK last year, Express Rent a Car of London were delighted to have recovered a stolen vehicle with the assistance of Plant-i and their tracking system.

The theft came when the owner of Express called our technical support team to inform them of the recovery. The thieves attempted to jam the tracking signals using an illegal device.

Despite the vehicle have several trackers from various competitors, None of the other companies were able to help.

This is where our expertise came to light, we were the only tracking company that were able to bypass the thieves jamming device.

After hours of hard work from the team we were able provide an accurate location using cell ID.

Plant-i have seen a large increase in vehicle and Machinery theft of the last 12 months and are taking extra precautions to ensure all vehicles are on lock down.

Here’s what Express Rent a Car had to say about the stolen vehicle.

We have been using Plant I for our rental fleet for 2 years and are very happy with their service.

Recently we had a Mercedes S class stolen by hirer who managed to block transmission from the telematic units installed in the car so we could not see the vehicles location.

Stuart at Plant I continued to monitor and work on the units installed even though it appeared a lost cause.   The car eventually transmitted a signal in Poland and has since been recovered, this occurred only because of his continued attention and diligence.

This professional and personalised service is rare to see and we are grateful for the continued support we receive from this company.

Mr. Ashi Somani


Express Rent a Car Ltd


  1. Ensure your doors and windows are closed.
  2. Remember to lock your vehicle.
  3. Do not leave valuables on show (Sat Nav, Mobile, Hand Bag, Wallet or any other valuable item)