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Plant-i Vision Dash Camera

Plant-i Introduce the next generation telematics, allowing you to watch an incident unfold in front of your eyes, minutes after it happened.
Don’t be a victim of Crash for Cash, protect yourself with high quality footage by installing a Plant-i Vision Dash Camera to your vehicle.


20 Second Video File for Each incident


Greater Accuracy
A Hard wired telemetry device detects accelerometer events, offering a far greater degree of accuracy when detecting crash or harsh driving events

Instant Alerts
Receive automated video footage and detailed crash report upon event trigger. Avoid timely and often impractical SD Card retrieval from traditional camera systems. We give you evidence as it happens!

On Demand
Ask about the download plus package, this gives you the ability to remotely download driving footage from your fleet activity.

Driver Protection
Video evidence supports the timely settlement of non-fault traffic collisions, which may otherwise have been contested, leading to future savings on fleet insurance premiums.


Over the air software updates.

Incident Data Information Time Stamped at source.

Remote Diagnostics and Continuous Monitoring.

Covert Installation to reduce chance of tampering.

Over the air Parked Mode Recording for After Journey Event updates.