Welsh Sea Kayak Journey In support of the Lifeboats

Three members of Aberdyfi lifeboats crew have decided to take on the Welsh coast by Sea kayak. The purpose is to raise money for a station re-build which is needed to house the new Atlantic 85 boat.

Starting on the south coast near Swansea, Ian, Josh and Morwenna plan to begin their journey on the 25th of may taking thirteen days to reach the north coast town of Llandudno.

Josh Stewart approached Plant i asking if there was anyway the none powered Kayaks could be tracked and followed online.

Systems Director Jason Mcauley met up with the team and provided a bespoke device that would withstand the weather and sea water and most importantly live track the team on their voyage.

The details for the tracking system will be on our facebook page.

Fore more details about there journey visit


We wished Ian, Josh and Morwenna a safe and happy journey.

Well done