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What is Direct Vision Standard?

Direct Vision Standard, or DVS is a scheme which will be coming into play on the 26th of October 2020 in the Greater London Area for all Heavy Good’s Vehicles over 12 Tonnes.

In order to operate within these areas you will be required to rank at least 1 star by this date. Stars are measured by direct view through the Window of the HGV Cab. This is to ensure that deaths and serious injuries on roads within London are eliminated; by lowering the level of risk to vulnerable road users such as Motorcyclists, people walking and cyclists near the vehicle.

Stars will rank from 0 which is considered poor and will require immediate action to fit safer solutions, to 5 which is considered Excellent.

By 2024 you will require to be a minimum of a 3 star ranking.

Plant-i DVS Stars Compliance

Applying for your permit is FOC, and if your vehicle already meets the requirements you will be granted a permit.

DVS Standards also apply to those travelling into Greater London from outside the UK, and also require a Permit.

Applying is the same as what it is for UK residents, and equivalent documentation is accepted.

Plant-i Ltd can offer you a DVS Compliant Solution with a award winning support team on had and expert engineers to install into your vehicles.

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